Heimdall Sequencer


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Heimdall is a compact, 8 step modulation sequencer, meaning that it is intended for modulation of oscillators, filters, VCA’s and anything else you can imagine.

Because Heimdall is driven by a CMOS chip, you can even use it for other, fun patches. You could use an oscillator to drive the trigger and you have yourself a sub oscillator, with varying degrees of division based on step length and fader placement.

The trigger input will eat most signals without problems, so be sure to experiment!

All high quality components from mechanical parts like the switches pots and faders, as well as high quality chips from Texas Instruments.

The panel is made of anodized, black aluminium using the subsurface printing method. This combination is very strong, the graphics will never fade or tear.

The small size for an 8 step sequencer and the very low power consumption makes it the perfect modulation source for your live or compact rig.

Tech specs