Wyrd Matrix Mixer


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WYRD is a compact 4×4 matrix mixer built for performers.

The feature that sets it apart from most other matrix mixers is the performance focused offset fader at the bottom. The fader let’s you offset all four outputs (Marked A-B-C-D) with 5 volts in either positive or negative direction. This way you can set up quite complex modulation chains and then use the fader to affect all outputs. Perfect for live interaction.

WYRD is DC coupled and while it is aimed at mixing CV signals as mentioned above, it works great for audio as well. In case you want to mix audio signals, make sure to place the fader in the center. The fader has a center detent and will null in the middle position, letting you easily disengage it from the outputs.

All high quality components from mechanical parts like the pots and fader, to the electronic components.

The panel is made of anodized, black aluminium using the subsurface printing method. This combination is very strong, the graphics will never fade or tear.

The small size for a matrix mixer and the very low power consumption makes it the perfect complex mixing source for your live or compact rig.

Tech specs